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39 x29,5см.

silk, Chinese ink, mineral colors, brocade
Author's property

(tib.spyan ras gzigs rgyal ba rgya mtso)

"As the nature of all Buddhas, Avalokiteshvara,
in color like
Stainless conch and crystal, very
resplendent, smiling,
Peaceful and radiant.
With four hands the first are folded at
The heart, the lower hold a crystal mala
and jewelled lotus,
Two beautiful feet seated in vajra posture, adorned with
Many attractive silks and jewels, beautified
with dark blue
Hair in tufts [some] loose. On the crown of the head, the
Wisdom of all Buddhas, is the Lord, source of all refuge
Gathered as one, in essence the Guru in the aspect of
Amitabha, in the manner of the Lord of the Family, seated Happily."

(Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup 1497-1557).

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