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Guru Dragpo Kilaya is the manifestation of Amitabha Buddha in wrath. He has a red body with one face, two arms and three eyes. He opens his mouth and rolls up his tongue. His right hand wields a Vajra and his left hand grasps a nine-headed iron scorpion. He wears a crown of five skulls symbolizing five Buddhas and human heads are around his neck. He has the elephant, human and tiger skins draped over his shoulders and decorated with bone ornaments. The lower part of his body is the mouth of a crocodile (S. makara) and an iron purba.with its pointed end stabbing the heart of two demons. He stands on a lotus-sun-disc throne.

The beneficence of this personal tantric deity (Tib. Yidam) is to defeat Devas, demons and evil spirits, Raksasa, eradicate three poisons-concupiscence, anger and ignorance and succeed in everything beneficial to all beings.

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