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81,5 x 57,5 см.

canvas, mineral colors, gold , brocade
Privat collection, Sochi (Russia)

Pure land of Green Tara
(tib.'pags ma sgrol ljang ma'i zhing khams)

Green Tara is Tara's most dynamic manifestation. Her green body color signifies her association with the family of the Buddha Amoghasiddhi, the Transcendent Buddha of the north.
Green Tara sits on а lotus , her right leg extending beyond and leaning on the lotus. Her left leg is bent in the pose of ease (lalitasana). Her right hand is extended to the side in an elegant gesture, and her left holds a blue lotus. Another lotus appears from behind the right side of the goddess.

First Dalai Lama (1391-1474), describes his vision of Green Tara:
"On a lotus seat, standing for realization
of voidness,
(You are) the emerald-colored, one-faced,
two-armed Lady,
In youth's full bloom, right leg out, left drawn in,
Showing the union of wisdom and art
- Homage to you!
Like the outstretched branch of the heavenly turquoise tree,
Your supple right hand makes the boon-granting gesture,
Inviting the wise to a feast of supreme accomplishments,
As if to an entertainment - Homage to you!
Your left band gives us refuge, showing
the Three jewels;
It says, "You people who see a hundred dangers,
Don't be frightened shall Tara swiftly save you!"
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