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40,5 x30.

silk, Chinese ink, mineral colors, brocade
Author's property

(tib. jam dpal)

Manjushri is the Boddhisattava of Wisdom and as such symbolises the Wisdom Mind of all the Buddhas. For the liberation of all sentient beings, he manifests as the five different images,as well as the Lord of death and in a multitude of peaceful and wrathful forms. Gifted with innumerable qualities, it is believed that worshipping Manjushri blesses one with wisdom, intelligence, a retentive memory and eloquence.

While it is said in the sutras that Manjushri resides in a different universe, Tibetans popularly believe he lives in the Hill of Five Peaks in the north west of China called Wutai Shan. There is a legend of his visit to Nepal where he built a Vihara for his followers and disciples, which to this day is still called Manju Pattana. He is believed to have used the sword he normally carries to make way for a river flowing through Kathmandu, which still has sword like cuts on its banks.

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