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Manla - medicine Buddha
. sMan-pa'i rgyalpo)

There is an interesting story of originating the Medicine Buddhas prayer:

While the Buddha Shakyamuni was giving a teaching to an assembly of His disciples at a place known as Yangchen, Manjushri stand up from his seat and requested the Tathagata to teach the prayers said by the Seven Medical Buddhas. Manjushri emphasized that the prayers will be of immense benefit to those assembled and more so, to the many, in the future, who will even suffer more from hunger and disease.

The Buddha warmly welcomed the suggestion and assembled the Seven Medical Buddhas who recited their individual prayers (the Medical Buddha " sMan-pa'i rgyalpo" recited twelve different prayers). By the way, the prayers still extend in the sMan-mdo brgyad-brgya-pa.  

Sixteen Bodhisattvas, the Twelve Governors of the Twelve Directions, the Twelve Rulers of Wealth, and the Four Gate-guardians also joined in the prayers. They all solemnly promised that wherever and whenever the prayers are invoked, they all would not only act as guardians but also aid those who recite they prayers.

In the Thangka are also depicted Y-tog Gombo and De-Srid Sangei Gyatso (above); Red Garuda and Dorje Dud-dul (below).
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43x35,5 cm., (15,7x11,8 inches)

canvas, mineral colors, gold



Copyright 2002, N. Dudka
Design: S. Tarasenko
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