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Lhamo Odser Chenma


69 x44.5.

canvas, mineral colors, gold, brocade
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Lhamo Odser Chenma
(tib.odser chenma)

Odser Chen-ma is the Goddess of dawn.
She has a yellow body with one face and two hands. Right arm in the gesture of higher granting extended forward; left one quietly holds the nectar vase at the base of the body. Calm, smiling, young, she is adorned with soaring colorful silks, golden jewelry: (golden crown, earrings, necklaces) and other Bodhisattva attributes. Tara is a female form of the Buddha,
a manifestation of wisdom and compassion of the all enlightened ones. By her blessings, we can easily develop kindness and love for all living beings.

When our mind is filled with love and compassion, we can experience the natural tranquility and happiness, its also can help us change our vision and add a deeper meaning to our life. Odser Chen-ma is considered to be the Goddess of dawn so believers can call her during the sunrise or at the beginning of their journey. She protects people on the road, guards them from thieves and bandits. Moreover, when one persons vital energy (tib. la) is stolen, Odser Chen-ma is able to help him recover it.
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