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81,5x50,5 cm., (32x19,6 inches)

transparent paper, chinese ink
Author's property



(tib. seng ge gdong ma)

Extremely fierce she has the face of a lion, with three round eyes, gazing fiercely with a gaping mouth, beard and hair flowing upward. With two hands the right holds aloft a vajra handled curved knife to the sky, left a white skullcup of blood to the heart, cradling a khatvanga staff tipped with a trident against the left shoulder. Wearing a tiara of five skulls, elephant hide, bone ornaments, fifty severed heads as a necklace and a tiger skin skirt she stands on the left leg with the right drawn up in a dancing posture above a corpse, sun disc and lotus seat. Simkhamukha dwells in the middle of a blazing fire of pristine awareness.

"Arising from the state of the Dharmadhatu,
Mother of all conquerors,
Queen of all the numberless dakinis;
With magic powers smashing to dust hindrances and enemies.
Homage to Simkhamukha."

(Nyingma liturgical text).

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