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Vajrapani and Stupa


61,5 x43.5 см.

canvas, mineral colors, gold, brocade
Private collection, Moscow (Russia)

Vajrapani and Stupa
(tib. rdo rje 'chang dan gchorten)

Vajrapani appears in many forms. Usually he has a dark blue body with one face, two arms and three eyes. His right hand wields a Vajra and his left hand in the front of his breast holds a diamond rope with a hook. Adorned with snakes and various kinds of jewels, he wears a skirt made of tiger skin and a crown of five Buddhas.

Vajrapani stands in the midst of prajna fire with his right leg crooked and his left leg stretched out. His ferocious look shows his great power in defending the Buddhadharma. In cultivating the Dharma of this personal tantric deity, the follower will have infinite virtue and great power to eliminate all kinds of demons and all disasters caused by earth, water, fire, wind and voidness. He will fulfil all wishes and go to the pure Land of the West when he passes away.
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