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84 x 57 см.

canvas, mineral colors, gold, brocade
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White Mahalkala ― granter of wealth and prosperity. (tib. mgon dkar)

This thangka portrays the six-armed White Mahakala who is very popular in Tibetan Buddhist countries, especially in Tibet, Mongolia and Buryatia. He is the main protector deity of Mongolian Buddhists. He is generally worshipped to attain wealth. His teachings were brought to Tibet in the eleventh century A.D. by lama Khedrup Khyungpopa. There are four ways of performing a wealth ritual pertaining to White Mahakala:
1. with a wealth pot;
2. with a skull cup;
3. with a fire ceremony after a retreat to Mahakala; and
4. with a drawing, which is worn of the mantra chakra to Mahakala.

Performing the White Mahakala ritual is supposed to bring endless wealth to the needy practitioner in such things as family, material goods, foods, power knowledge and spirituality.
In the present thangka the pot-bellied white complexioned Mahakala is standing on two elephant-headed figures on a lotus seat. The expression of his face is ferocious. His main right hand holds a flaming jewel in front of his chest, his upper right hand holds a vajra marked chopper and his lower right hand holds a drum with streaming ribbons. His main left arm rests on his left thigh and holds a skull cup with a vase in it filled with many jewels. His upper left hand holds a trident-tipped khatvanga staff, and his lower left hand holds a vajra hook. He wears silk scarves; elephant skin cloak, a garland of freshly severed human heads, and a tiger skin spread across his lower body below the bulging stomach. He is lavishly ornamented with exquisitely designed gold earrings, necklaces, armlets, bracelets, and girdle. His skirt is beautifully painted. As with the ornaments, gold is used to brighten the eyebrows of his two main eyes, his flaming moustache and his beard. His figure is brilliantly drawn and painted.
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