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White Tara


40 x 30,5см. (15,7x12,9")

canvas, mineral colors, gold

Author's property

White Tara
(tib. drol ma dkar mo)

Tara's name means One Who Saves. Her compassion for living beings, her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children. 

As Manjushri is the celestial Bodhisattva who represents the wisdom of all Buddhas and Avalokiteshvara is the one who represents all their compassion, Tara is the Bodhisattva who represents the miraculous activity of all the Buddhas of past, present, and future.

White Tara has seven eyes - one in each hand and foot, and a third eye on her face - to show that she sees and responds to suffering throughout the universe; and she sits in full lotus posture. Like the solitary form of the deity, the right hand is in the mudra (gesture) of giving, with the left hand holding the stem of a white lotus in a gesture signifying the Three Jewels.

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