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Buddhist Thangka Calendar for 2005-2006 (16 pages)

The title - Buddha, Maitreya and Manjushri

This calendar includes different images of Buddhist iconography:

The title - Buddha, Maitreya and Manjushri;
1. Paldan Lhamo - protectress of Buddhism;
2. White Tara;
3. Vajrapani;
4. Avalokiteshvara Kasarpani;
5. Namsarai - god of wealth;
6. Sarasvati - patroness of Arts;
7. Avalokiteshvara- Rigsum gompo;
8. Vajradhara Yab-Yum;
9. Green Tara;
10.Guru Dragpo Kilay;
11.Dakini Goma Devi;
12. Guardian Dorje Legpa.

The calendar is published in table standing variant ("tent" like). Sorry, everything is written in Russian. But to see beautiful thangkas you don't need any translations.

Paldan Lhamo - protectress of Buddhism

back side

Avalokiteshvara Kasarpani

back side



Avalokiteshvara- Rigsum gompo

back side

Guru Dragpo Kilay back side

1996 - 2004 © painted by Nick Dudka
idea J. Dudka, design S. Nakhanoeva; photos S. Murzin, P. Okatov
prepress P. Gavriluk

Copyright © 2005, N. Dudka
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