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Visual images of Dzogchen (set of 15 cards)

This set of 15 cards is reproductions of thangkas inspired by transmissin, oral instractions and commentares of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

The cover: Dakiny Goma Devi;
inside: Guru Padmasambhava.

1. Guru Garab Dorje;
2. Buddha Shakyamuni;
3. Avalokiteshvara Kasarpani;
4. Odser Chenma;
5. Kalachakra yab-yum;
6. Dakyni Mandarava's mandala;
7. Dakyni Simkhamukha;
8. Guru Dragpur;
9. Garuda;
10.Vajrapani (wrathful form);
11. Vajrapani (Heka Linpa's tradition);
12. Vajrasattva (sertan);
13. Green Tara;
14. Guardian Dorje Legpa;
15. Guardian Tseu Marbo.

At the back side you can read brief discriptions.
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1997 - 2008 © painted by Nick Dudka
idea J. Dudka, design S. Nakhanoeva; photos S. Murzin, P. Okatov
prepress P. Gavriluk

Copyright © 2009, N. Dudka
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