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Buddhist Thangka — table calendar for 2010

Buddhist thangka calendar 2010

This calendar includes different images of Buddhist iconography.

The title — Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara;

1. Buddha of three times;
2. Dakiny Mandarava's mandala;
3. Odser Chenma — the Goddess of dawn;
4. Bodhisattva Manjushri;
5. Dakiny Simkhamukha;
6. Guru Padmasambhava;
7. Guru Dragpo Kilaya;
8. Paradaise of Green Tara;
9. Vajrasattva;
10.1000 armed Avalokiteshvara;
11.White Mahakala;
12. Wealthy Namsarai.

The calendar is published in table standing variant (tent like). Excellent quality print with large  descriptions of the thangkas at the back.
The calendar is published in two languages: Russian and English.

march 2010

back side

september 2010

back side

october 2010

back side

november 2010 back side
descriptions descriptions

1996 - 2009 painted by Nick Dudka
Design O. Jamyanov;
Photos S. Murzin, P. Okatov prepress P. Gavriluk

Printed in Russia

Copyright 2002-2009, N.Dudka
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