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Buddhist Guardian Deities (set of 15 cards)

Buddhist Guardian Deities

This set of 15 cards with description on the back side in two languages (Russian and English).

The cover: Simkhamukha;
1. Odser Chenma;
2. Paldan Lhamo;
3. White Umbrella Tara;
4. White Mahakala;
5. Burji Lhamo;
6. Namsarai;
7. Dakiny Ekajani;
8. Blue Mahakala;
9. Damchen Dorje Legpa;
10. Guru Padmasambhava;
11. Guru Dragpo Kilaya;
12. Tseu Marbo;
13. Dakiny Simkhamukha;
14. King Garuda;
15. Yamaraja yab-yum.

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Odser Chenma

Paldan Lhamo

White Umbrella Tara

White Mahakala

Burji Lhamo


Dakiny Ekajani

Blue Mahakala

Damchen Dorje Legpa

Guru Padmasambhava

Guru Dragpo Kilaya

Tseu Marbo

Dakiny Simkhamukha King Garuda Yamaraja yab-yum
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